Injection Mold Design & Manufacturing Service

F&M Tool and Die is a premier source for injection mold design and manufacturing services. From concept to design to manufacturing, we are with you every step of the way to ensure your project is a success.

Step 1: Engineering Review. Our experienced tooling engineers review the 2D/3D model of your part to determine the best way to design the mold. Working in conjunction with the customer, we review different aspects of the part to be molded to come up with a preliminary mold layout. Deliverable: Quote. Based on the preliminary mold layout, we send a quote to the customer.

Step 2: Design and engineering. With a PO in hand, our engineers can begin designing the mold. A typical mold design takes (2-4) weeks from start to finish. This is an iterative process with our customer. Deliverable: A design review where we sign off on various aspects of the mold design and get everyone on the same page.

Step 3: Manufacturing. The job is released to purchasing and to the shop floor. Deliverable: assembled mold.

Step 4: Delivery/tryout. Our customers run the mold in their presses. If things aren’t right the first time, we make it right.


Essential Processes

  • First Article Inspection

  • 2D/3D Model Generation

  • Mold Trials

  • Design Iterations